Strengthen your nonprofit’s digital security

As a busy nonprofit, your focus is your mission. Whether you’re supporting humanitarian efforts, promoting animal welfare, fighting climate change, or working to improve health equity, you are focused squarely on providing critical services and support to your community. Your organization is deeply engaged in delivering programs, coordinating, managing volunteers, processing donations, supporting fundraising efforts, and myriad other activities. With all these priorities on your plate, security might seem like something that can wait. Unfortunately, it can’t. Security is more critical than ever for nonprofits.

In our e-book, Strengthen your nonprofit’s digital security: Protect your data and build trust, we introduce five key steps you can take to improve security at your nonprofit:

Gain buy-in from leadership and your board

Build security awareness and skills throughout your team

Create and document security policies

Choose and use technology designed for the way people work

Collaborate with experienced experts

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